Beyond Earth is a unisex brand that brings love and diversity to the table. We do not label our products as men's or women's because our goal is to make every single human being feel loved and comfortable in their own skin. Humans are all aliens on earth, welcome to the alien gang! 

Beyond Earth was founded by Dani Beck in 2017 and has been a dream of hers since she was in middle school. Growing up Dani felt very out of place like she was from another planet, never being able to fit in with what society wanted her to be. Dani is a genderqueer artist from Phoenix, Arizona. She launched Beyond Earth (formally known as Cryptic) during her college years at Arizona State University while juggling her day job. She ultimately wishes to travel the world while running Beyond Earth and pursuing art and music. She wishes to go back to Arizona State to get her Master's degree in LGBTQ+ studies in hopes to educate and help her community.