Beyond Earth is a genderless brand that brings love and diversity to the table. We do not gender our products because our goal is to make every single human being feel loved and comfortable in their own skin. Humans are all aliens on earth, welcome to the alien gang! 

My name is Dani, and I am a genderqueer artist, writer, and musician from the hottest part of earth, Phoenix, AZ. Growing up I felt so out of place within society, I was never "girly" and I never understood why it was frowned upon for me to shop for clothes in the boys sections. I've always been into aliens, cars, weird patterns and designs and the older I got the more I started to question why clothing was gendered in the first place when fashion is so fluid. That's when the idea of a completely unisex brand hit me, I never want anyone to have to experience being bullied or frowned upon for wearing "boys" or "girls" clothing. Beyond Earth elimiates that worry and pressure of fitting into society, we are all so individually different and unique and that in itself is amazing! We are all just humans on the same planet at the same time, you are meant to be here!